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Grand Chapter of Louisiana

Order of the Eastern Star


Rovenia McDonald Pamela Gill, PGM

Worthy Grand Matron Grand Secretary

585 Wells Road P.O. Box 1229

Haughton, LA 71037-7390 DeRidder, LA 70634-1229

February, 2017 Newsletter



From the Desk of the Worthy Grand Matron:


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Time really does fly when one is having fun. Many of you as well as myself are busy getting those reports ready for Grand Chapter next month. The year has moved so quickly, that comprehending it is already February takes some doing. I hope each of you had a good 2016 and look forward to accomplishing much in 2017. Some chapters have new Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons while others are using those whose experience will help keep everyone on a forward movement.


February offers a great opportunity to share a special time and express how much our friends mean to us. Valentine Day represents love. Tell that special friend how much they mean to you and exemplify what we as Eastern Star members represent by doing something special for someone else. This might be an act as simple as holding a door for someone entering a place of business or even a hello or have a nice day. Lets each of us live by the obligation that is part of our initiation.


Be sure to make your hotel reservations for Grand Chapter directly to the hotel at 318-619-3300 and it is necessary to mention OES. The rooms are reserved under that title and unless you mention OES, you will be told there are no rooms available. The cost is $79.00 plus tax per night for up to 4 persons. The deadline for these reservations is February 28, 2017. Banquet reservations are to be made through Linda Lamkin, PGM and must be received by March 8, 2017.


Secretaries if you have not sent your Personal Achievement names to the District Chairman and the State Chairman, they need this immediately. Carmen Higgins is the State Chairman and must have the names to prepare the certificates.

District Deputy Grand Matrons be sure to sign and forward to me those chapters that have earned the Award of Excellence so those can be ready for distribution at Grand Chapter.


Thought: Life is an adventure in forgiveness. -Norman Cousins, author and editor (1915-1990)


Fraternally with Pearls of Love,


Rovenia McDonald

Worthy Grand Matron


Grand Representative Commissions:

Arkansas Pamela Jewell - Blanchard #236 (Expires 9/30/2018)

Georgia Charlotte Greer Ruby #72 (Expires 9/1/2018)

Manitoba Judith Avery Love #209 (Expires 9/30/2019)

Mississippi Bobby LaCaze Guiding Star (Expires 12/31/2018)

Montana Ray Bedwell Wm. D. White # 141 (Expires 9/30/2018)

South Dakota Bonnie Williams Fair Park #18 (Expires 12/31/2018)


Dates to Remember:


March 4, 2017-- 10:30 AM -2:30 PM

Put this date of your calendar, Fun times for everyone


Honoring Debbie Poche', AGM and Lonnie Smith, AGP

Community Center, 26356 Hwy 15, Ferriday, LA

Donations $15.00

March 25-29, 2017: One Hundred and Eighteenth Annual Session of the Grand Chapter of Louisiana. SAI Convention Center, Alexandria. Forms available at laoes.com and from your Secretaries.



From a grateful heart I would like to thank the members for their prayers and best wishes for a quick recovery after my surgery. I have been humbled by the many cards from the chapters as well as our members and the prayer chains offered. I look forward to seeing all of you very soon. Linda Lamkin, PGM




(A note from your GGCCM Heart Committee Member)

February 3 is National Wear Red Day. Women and men are encouraged to wear red in support of the movement to combat heart disease. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, taking more lives than all cancers combined. Almost one woman dies every 80 seconds from cardiovascular diseases and almost 80% are preventable.

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! With the help of your doctor learn your level of risk and how to control your risk factors. Its knowledge that could save your life.


--Total Cholesterol = < 200 mg/dL

--HDL (good) Cholesterol = 40-59 mg/dL

--Blood Pressure = 120/80

--Blood Sugar = < 100 mg/dL

--Body Mass Index (BMI) = 18.5 24.9


Heart Disease in women remains underdiagnosed and undertreated, despite the improvements in cardiovascular deaths. Remember heart attack symptoms can be different for women than men. Women may feel discomfort in our neck, jaw, back and arm, while men usually feel chest pain Traditional stress tests are not necessarily accurate for women, so we need to ask for alternative imaging or stress tests to find plaque buildup in smaller arteries.


If you havent started a New Years Resolution, then lets start getting HEART Healthy in February!

Les eat less and move more!

With Heartfelt Star Love, Linn McNary, GGCCM Heart Committee Chairman


From the Office of the Grand Secretary:


General Grand is shipping orders for the Spiral Bound 2015-2018 Rituals.

The Prices are as follows:


Small Print, Hardbound, Black or Green $19.00

Large Print, Hardbound, Navy, Maroon, or White $23.00

Large Print, Spiral Bound, Navy, Maroon, or White $25.00

Extra Large Print, Spiral Bound, Tan $33.00


Available to Order:

2016-2017 Roster $1.50

Revised Book of Instruction $1.75

Constitution Revisions $1.00

Secretaries and Members, Please make all checks payable to The Grand Chapter. Thank you.


Pamela Gill, PGM

Grand Secretary


Letter of Intent


Dueto circumstances beyond my control, it is with great sadness that I must withdraw my letter of intent for the position of Associate Grand Patron for the incoming year.

When circumstances improve and get corrected, it will be my intent to resubmit my letter of intent for consideration.

I want to thank all the friends and members for their understanding and support and I hope my circumstances will improve quickly to allow me to be considered for the high honor of Associate Grand Patron at a later date.



Donald R. Pietrucha, PP


Website: www.laoes.org


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