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Grand Chapter of Louisiana

Order of the Eastern Star


Rovenia McDonald Pamela Gill, PGM

Worthy Grand Matron Grand Secretary

585 Wells Road P.O. Box 1229

Haughton, LA 71037-7390 DeRidder, LA 70634-1229

January, 2017 Newsletter



From the Desk of the Worthy Grand Matron:


2016 has come to a close. Many events took place throughout the year. Many of our memories will be pleasant ones while others are not exactly what we expected. I hope each of you had a good Christmas and received exactly what you wanted.


This is the time of the year when chapters are getting ready for a new slate of officers. Secretaries spent many hours compiling information on donations, member rolls, and that final report to the Grand Secretary. Thank you to each and every member who has had a part in serving your chapter this past year as well as your community and state. As I attended the Official Visits in each district, I felt appreciated and loved. Your friendship is something I value very much.


Grand Chapter is only three (3) months away. Hotel reservations are to be made directly to the hotel by calling 318-619-3300. The cost is $79.00 plus tax per night from one to four occupants. No more than four may occupy one room. Be sure to mention OES to get the room at the special rate. Each chapter secretary should have received the registration and meal reservation forms as well as the tentative program in the December newsletter. If your chapter does not have one, please let the Grand Secretary know or they may be downloaded from the OES Web site. These need to be turned in early so that the heads of the various functions can complete their work for a successful Grand Chapter.


Clarification: There has been some confusion as to what projects are included in Project Change. They are Cancer, Masonic Dyslexia, Scottish Rite Learning, Service Dog, and Shriners Transportation. The three projects under General Grand Chapter are Heart, Regenerative Medicine, and Support First Responders.


Quote: It is obvious that man is himself a traveler; that his purpose in this world is not to have and to hold, but to give and to serve. Sir Wilfred t. Grenfell


Reminder Secretaries be sure to send the AGM, GC, and AGC a list of the ACTIVE Past Matrons and Patrons with as much information as you can provide such as address, telephone numbers and special talents.


Fraternally with Pearls of Love,


Rovenia McDonald

Worthy Grand Matron


Grand Representative Commissions:

Montana, Ray Bedwell, Wm. D. White # 141 (Expires 9/30/18)


Dates to Remember:


January 14, Central Section Work and Ritual workshop, Pinehurst 33, DeRidder, 10:00 am


January 28, Northern Section Work and Ritual workshop, Dixie 179, Monroe, 10:00 am





OES Members from across the state, I appreciate you supporting the luncheon, fashion show, and fund activities for the fundraiser of First Responders on Saturday, December 10th. You helped raise $2250.32! Could not have done this without the help of District #8 and others. This was an exciting and fun fundraiser!

Again thanks,

Joy Beth Williams, PGM








From the Office of the Grand Secretary:


Roster Change:

Kay McCray has resigned her position on the Finance Committee and Martha Jo Schexneider has been appointed to complete the three-year term.



Received from the Subordinate Chapters:

December 13, 2016, Magi #85 Suspended Mr. Jessi O. Cobb for NPD

Golden Star #73 Suspended Mrs. Bobbie Ferguson for NPD

Central Star #23 Suspended Jennifer McElveen for NPD

Central Star #23 Suspended Myra Gautreau for NPD

Central Star #23 Suspended Linda Kuhn for NPD

Ruth #16, 12/20/2016, Suspended Adriana Addison for NPD

Ruth #16, 12/20/2016, Suspended Melvin Addison for NPD

(also non Masonic affiliation)

Ruth #16, 12/20/2016, Suspended Hailey Coats for NPD

Ruth #16, 12/20/2016, Suspended Ruby Davis for NPD

Ruth #16, 12/20/2016, Suspended Will Houston for NPD

Ruth #16, 12/20/2016, Suspended Minerva Kuttner for NPD



General Grand is shipping orders for the Spiral Bound 2015-2018 Rituals.

The Prices are as follows:


Small Print, Hardbound, Black or Green $19.00

Large Print, Hardbound, Navy, Maroon, or White $23.00

Large Print, Spiral Bound, Navy, Maroon, or White $25.00

Extra Large Print, Spiral Bound, Tan $33.00


Available to Order:

2016-2017 Roster $1.50

Revised Book of Instruction $1.75

Constitution Revisions $1.00

Secretaries and Members, Please make all checks payable to The Grand Chapter. Thank you.





Pamela Gill, PGM

Grand Secretary


Website: www.laoes.org


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