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July 2014 – Newsletter



From the Desk of the Worthy Grand Matron:


Wow! What a wonderful month!  The Grand Family started the month out by initiating a couple of wonderful ladies at Ruby #72 in Jena on June 6th.  They had  a great turnout and we had a great time. What an honor and privilege to assist a Sister Chapter.


June 7th, we attended the LA/AR Exchange in Monroe Louisiana, with 150+ members, and Louisiana brought the Boot home with 100+ members present.  The theme was Western Roundup and the decorations were complete with boots, chaps, saddles, bales of hay and bandanas.  Sister Joye Denny, PGM, did an outstanding job of heading up the cowgirls and cowboys.


June 8th, the Worthy Grand Patron and I, accompanied by other Grand Officers and many Eastern Star Sisters and Brothers, celebrated the 110th birthday of Allen No. 21 in Franklin. A great time was had by all.


June 14th, was the first Official Visit in District #12 - this is the Worthy Grand Patron’s District, in Lake Charles.  The decorations, food, and program were great.  There were at least 137 members there from all across the state.  The members performed their work very well and I am sure the Worthy Grand Patron was proud of his district. Jo Schexneider, DDGM, did a great job.


On June 16th we attended the Rainbow Grand Assembly, where I brought greetings and Brother George brought the benediction.  The girls performed their work admirably.  We were very impressed.  Our support enables these girls to attend their Grand Assembly. They are very grateful for our help.


June 20th we attended the Official Visit of District 13 at the Scottish Rite Consistory in Baton Rouge, where we were treated to an exclusive interview with the lighthouse keeper for 70 years, Ms. Torch (a/k/a Lynn Bankston, PGM). On July 21st we were at the Official Visit of District 15, held at Livingston Lodge in Hammond, where we were entertained by Lora McDonald and Frances Griffin.  Both visits were very well attended, I was so proud. Thank you District Deputies - Ruth LeCompte and Jo Ann Travis for a great job.


Reminders:  Many of us will be making our way to Springfield, Mo. to the “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” OES Friendship Exchange in July. It is not too early to make plans to attend the Texas Grand Chapter and Amaranth Grand Court in August.


Quote of the Month:  But how will I react to the actions of others? With love. For just as love is my weapon to open the hearts of men, love is also my shield to repulse the arrows of hate and the spears of anger..” Og Mandino


Keep Your Lights Shining with Star Love,



Pamela Gill

Worthy Grand Matron




of the Worthy Grand Matron accompanied

by the Worthy Grand Patron and Other Grand Officers


Friday, July 18, District 16: Center Lodge, 344 Jackson St., Bogalusa.  Meal at 6:00 p.m. with meeting to follow.  Shelly Thomas, DDGM, 985/515-7847


Saturday, July 19, District 17: A.W. Connely #117, Houma.  Meal at 4:30 p.m. with meeting to follow. Valerie Knight, DDGM, 985/991-0935


Saturday, July 26, District 4: Sunny South #12, Bastrop, Meal at 4:30 pm with meeting to follow.  Pamela Duncan, DDGM, 318/239-2273


Saturday, August 2, District 14: Mystic Star # 108, Denham Springs Lodge #297, Corner of Benton & Centerville, Denham Springs, Louisiana.  Meal at 4:30 pm with meeting to follow. Carmen Higgins, DDGM, 225-936-1569


Friday, August 22, District 3:   Scottish Rite Temple, 205 University Ave, Monroe.  Meal at 6:00 with meeting to follow.  Housing Chairman, Linda Lamkin, PGM, 318-513-1506. Nancy Hurst, DDGM, 318-368-8040.


Saturday, August 23, District 11, TBA

September 6, District 7, TBA

September 20, District 11, TBA

September 26, District 2, TBA

September 27, District 1, TBA.




Dear Sisters and Brothers: James is doing so much better and gets stronger every day. Between the vertigo and bacterial infection he was quite ill but is well on the way to being his old self again Thank all of you for the cards and phone calls but most of all for the prayers.   Hope to see you all soon.  Star love
James and Lois Premeaux




Fraternal Relations Day:  July 26, 2014, 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Barack Shrine Temple, 6620 Frontage Road, Monroe. 

Texas Grand Chapter, August 4-10, Waco, TX., Link: http://

www.grandchapterof texasoes/GC_session.asp                 

Amaranth - Louisiana Grand Court, August 7-9



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Preparing the Roster is a complicated process.  The Worthy Grand Matron and the Grand Secretary spend hours working on the Roster and proofing is thankless.  If you find an error, please send it to the Grand Secretary so that it can be corrected.  Thank you.


Pg 1: AGP - spouse is Martha Jo

Pg 2: Grand Esther - Carol LeBleu  - chapters (232,33)

Pg 4: Jean T. Smith, PGM: Chapter -- #179

Pg 5:  Julio Morales, PGP - Email address: eaglejlm@bellsouth.net

Pg 5:  Donald Bordelon - spouse - Martha  and Oscar Abshire - spouse - Marilyn

Pg 5:  Oscar Abshire, PGP - add chapters (46,64)

Pg 6:  Finance Committee: Oscar Abshire, PGP - add chapters (225, 2, 64)

Pg 6:  Committee on Charters:  Ray Parker, PM - add  chapter (121)

Pg 7: Committee on Time and Place, Kathy Bruce address - 634 Twin Oaks, Many 71449

Pg 8: OES International Peace Garden, Gene Cagle, PGP - address is30845 West Knight Drive, Denham Springs 70726-1522

Pg 8:  General Arrangements: Rex Thornhill is PP and Decorations & Properties: Geri Rose is PM

Pg 8:   Decorations and Properties and on Pg 17: Associate Grand Matron (Page) ::  Kay McCray,

             P.O. Box 12656, Alexandria 71315-2656

Pg 17:   AGP:  add Page - Brenda McDaniel, WM, (53), 1141 Middle Rd., Minden 71055-6268

Pg 22: District 16 - - Pushepatapa No. 239, New Location - Bogalusa

Pg: 31: Sabine Chapter #171: New Officers

        WM -- Karen Mitchell, 11614 Hwy 120, Zwolle, 71486

        WP - - has not been installed

        AM -- Kathy Bruce, PM, 634 Twin Oaks, Many 71449

        AP -- Lonnie Smith, PP, 603 Rue Chavaniac, Lafayette 70503

Pg 33: Converse # 218, Kathy Warmack is AGM





Page 4:  Diane Smith, PGM - new email address: wgmoes2007@gmail.com

Page 33:  Farmerville #207 - meets second Thursday of the month



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HARDBOUND RITUALS:  Small Print Green Rituals.  Large Print Blue Rituals-$23.00.    Large Print White Rituals - $23.00.  Extra Large Print Rituals - $33.00.

SPIRAL BOUND RITUALS:  Large Print Blue Rituals - $25.00. . . Extra Large Print Rituals - $33.00.


NOTE:  The spiral bound rituals are on back order at General Grand Chapter - should be mailed in September.  GGC has hardbound rituals in stock.


2010 Book of Instruction - $3.00 plus postage

2013 Constitution Revisions - $2.10.

2014 Constitution Revisions - $1.00.







                                                                                Terrie C. Castay, PGM

                                                                                Grand Secretary   


WEBSITE:   www.laoes.org

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