"A Time for all Seasons"

Grand Chapter of Louisiana

Order of the Eastern Star


Debbie Poche Pamela Gill, PGM

Worthy Grand Matron Grand Secretary

9845 Van Drive 180 Harvey Hill Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70815-4566 DeRidder, LA 70634-7304

November 2017 Newsletter



From the Desk of the Worthy Grand Matron


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


This has been a very busy month, first there was Missouri Grand Chapter. We had four GGCCM, six Grand Officers and 2 other traveling companions. Sister Nancy Lane is a member of Lafayette Chapter and was WGM of Missouri she asked Sister Jean Jordan, PGM and Brother Wayne Harrist, GGCCM to give the response after the introductions, they did a very nice job. Then there were five of us that attended Alabama Grand Chapter the same week. Sister Joy Beth Williams, GGCCM, gave the response at the GGCCM banquet there. We enjoyed four Official Visits, they have been great, thank you for the support you are giving the District Deputy Grand Matrons, the Grand Officers, Lonnie and myself. We attended two Courtesy Visits; one to Love Chapter #209, and Aloha, the annual Luau at Myrtle Celeste #231, both were great and fun to be at. We appreciate your attendance to all these events


Chapters, it is Time to start getting your reports to the District Chairmen or the State Chairmen. We want you to be included and recognized for all your good works as we write these reports. There is more detail and other important announcements in this newsletter, be sure to read them.


Recap of Official visits: A Time to be Gnomes, A Time to be Leaders: We have the much needed Gnomes, the behind the scenes workers. They come to the meetings early and set-up the chapter room. They bring food, clean up the Lodge, wash the dishes and do other things that just need to be done. We have the energetic leaders. They are more in the foreground. They help us stay on task, lead the chapter in achieving our objectives, and help us learn our work. One position is not more important than another. A Time to Dream, A Time for Actions: The dreamers present great ideas. The go-getters take the dreamers' ideas and jump into action. Those that do both can turn dreams into action, with the help of others.  It takes all of our members working together to accomplish the dreams and goals of your chapter. A Time to Encourage, A Time to Participate: We must encourage each other to do our best, and to participate willingly and happily while following our teachings. Our members should work to make each chapter the best they can be. A Time to Commit, A Time to Reap: Your passion for Eastern Star is your strength, but only if you commit your time to learning and to attending your meetings. Then you will reap the benefits and rewards of Eastern Star. 

Show that you are Eastern Star, wear you Star shirt and jewelry in public, talk to anyone about that Star. Have a petition in your purse or pocket (you can get a copy from your secretary) to give out. It depends on each one of us to make this organization grow. YOU can make a difference!!


Know the true value of time; seize and enjoy every moment of it.


God Bless, I love you all,

Debbie Poche

Worthy Grand Matron


Each Chapter needs to send the District chairman or the State Chairmen the following: 1. Gnome Bunch Personal Achievement Information, 2. what you did as a chapter and how much money the chapter gave for Regenerative Medicine, 3. What was done for Heart and how much money was donated, 4. What did you do for Supporting First Responders and any money donated to that fund, 5. What did the chapter do to honor the youth and the money collected for them. Be sure that all monies are sent through the chapter secretary to Grand Chapter so Sister Pam can give the proper credit for the Chapter.


The Hospitality Committee is looking forward to receiving your creative homemade donations for our Distinguished Guests.  Each chapter is to provide 5 items. Don't know what to make; perhaps a drawstring bag for shoes or a small bag for glasses, cosmetics, jewelry; a Louisiana themed Christmas ornament. We have plenty of crocheted items. Thank you so very much for your donations. Susan Freeman, PM, Chairman Distinguished Guest and Hospitality.


Upcoming events:


November 4, WERE MOVING!!  FROM DENHAM SPRINGS Lodge TO  -  ZACHARY at the Plains Masonic Lodge, 4726 Church Street. Secretary/Treasurer Workshop at 1:00, meal at 2:00, and meeting at 3:00, followed by an ice cream social.  DDGM Ruth LeCompte, 225-774-1321


November 27 Fidelity Chapter #160 is Honoring the Grand Master and the WGM.

1100 Hwy 77, Maringouin Dinner at 6:30pm, Meeting at 7:30pm Anyone that has been to this Honor night in recent years knows how much fun we have.


December 6-8, Arkansas Grand Chapter in Little Rock. Go to their website for the forms.


December 9, State Wide Fundraiser for Regenerative Medicine

The State Wide Fund Raiser for Regenerative Medicine will be held on

Saturday, December 9, 2017, at Natchitoches Masonic Lodge, 110

Masonic Drive in Natchitoches, LA.  The cost will be $10.00. 

                    It is a Luncheon and Auction.

Lunch will be Chicken and Sausage Gumbo or Chili, Potato Salad,

French bread, crackers, dessert, tea and coffee. It will be served from

11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.                                  

The auction will start at 1:30pm.  Both are opened to the public. 

Please try to get some good and unusual items.  Please start collecting them now as December 9th is just around the corner.



September 17-22, 2018-Travel with Marilyn and Richard to Tennessee on a Pigeon Forge and the Smokey Mountains Show Trip. Deposit of $100 per person is due at time of booking. Your Secretaries have the flier with all information and booking forms. Tour Escort: Nannette Gwaltney, Vacationsbydesign@hotmail.com, 210.656.6668 or 210.373.5580.



Grand Representative Appointments:

Idaho, Lonnie Fruge, 1216 Texas St., Lake Charles 70601

Nebraska, Margaret Hanchey, 201 Hanchey Rd, Dry Creek 70637. Expires: 10/1/2019

New Jersey, Phillip Andrus, 2026 Ruth Street, Leesville, LA 71446-4554

Utah, Chester Finley, 3211 Ashwood Drive, Lafayette 70570-8125

Wisconsin, Carolyn Maxey, P.O. Box 132, Forest Hill 71430-0132. Expires: 10/1/2019




Received from the Subordinate Chapters:

September 19, Alf Garrett #123 Suspended Connie Straus, NPD

September 19, Alf Garrett #123 Suspended Pamela Robinson Andrews, NPD

September `14, Broadmoor #233 Suspended Sandra Ballard, Carol Black, Margaret Bray, Kathe Fabio, Gail Nightingale, John Nightingale, Richard Haynes, Barbara Haynes, Walter Thompson, Leslie Fife, Kaitlyn Fife, James Harrison, and Doris Harrison for NPD


<<<<<<<<< AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE >>>>>>>>>


Small Print, Hardbound, Black or Green $19.00

Large Print, Hardbound, Navy, Maroon, or White $23.00

Large Print, Spiral Bound, Navy, Maroon, or White $25.00

Extra Large Print, Spiral Bound, Tan $33.00

Revised Book of Instruction, $1.75

Rosters, 2017-2018, $1.50

Constitution Revisions, 2016 $1.00

Secretaries and Members, Please make all checks payable to The Grand Chapter. Thank you.



Pamela Gill, PGM

Grand Secretary


Website: www.laoes.org


Letters of Intent


Clinton Ardis Mills Educational Scholarship Board

Dear sisters and brothers: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve on the Clinton Ardis Mills Educational Scholarship Board. I appreciate your confidence in me however I will not be seeking re-election
Sisterly love
Lois Premeaux,PM

Board of Fraternal Assistance, Southern Section

As my term ends, I would like to express my appreciation to the members of this Grand Chapter for your support and cooperation. This has been a very rewarding experience helping when our Sisters and Brothers have challenging times or needs. I have enjoyed working with this Board over the past years and the members. I truly treasure the time I have served on this very important Board.

I will not be a candidate for Fraternal Assistance for the 2018 session. 


Bonnie Johnston, P.M.  



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